This year’s foreign support

We are very pleased to welcome foreign representatives among the partners of the 26th year: the traditional festival ally is the Representation of the Flemish Government, whose generous support will welcome not only the main dramaturge Jelle Dierickx, but also four wonderful programs from Flanders: duo Bel Ayre, Ratas del viejo Mundo, organist Bart Jacobs and singer Ghalia Benali. In addition, the concert “Rats of the Old World” will pay tribute to the genius composer Philippe de Monte, who was born in Mechelen, Flemish, 500 years ago. Did you know that this renaissance master also worked at the Prague Rudolfinum Court?

Once again, the Austrian Cultural Forum did not hesitate to support its compatriots included in the program of this year’s festival. You can look forward to dramaturge Pierre Pitzl, who will also perform as a lute player, guitarist and artistic director of the Private Musicke ensemble, violinist Gunar Letzbor and his ensemble Ars Antiqua Austria, and a pair of Austrian lutenists Bernhard Hofstötter and David Bergmüller.

And who is the French Institute together with our audience looking forward to? Dramaturge Carine Moretton has selected three outstanding ensembles – Les Musiciens de Saint Julien, Compagnie de l´Aune and L´Escarboucle – and a pair of virtuoso soloists: harpsichordist Jean Rondeau and lute player Thomas Dunford.

The Italian Cultural Institute is also symbolically involved in hosting great musicians from his homeland. Harpsichordist Andrea Buccarella, lute player Gianluca Geremia and the unique VenEthos Ensemble quartet composed of Giacomo Catana, Mauro Spinazzè, Francesco Lovato and Massimo Raccanelli will arrive in Moravia from the south.

Together with the Spanish Embassy, ​​we will welcome the family ensemble Concierto Moreno (Inés Uncilla, Josè Miguel and Emilio Moreno) and the star of the final concert, which will be soprano Raquel Andueza.

Thank you to all partners for your trust and support!