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Addition of the program

We bring you nice news before the weekend. We are adding two new concerts to the festival program, namely the second concert of the irresistibly exuberant Alehouse Sessions project, which will take place 22/6 in Brno, and the concert of Tiburtina Ensemble 17/6 in

Exchange of concert venues

Dear listeners, for acoustic reasons, we have exchanged the venues of the concerts of Compagnie de l’Aune and Ars Antiqua Austria with Solamente Naturali. The French ensemble Compagnie de l’Aune will transform the oval hall of the chateau in Žďár nad Sázavou into a mythological

Venice Baroque Orchestra concert

Dear listeners, due to the busy schedule of the Venice Baroque Orchestra and Andrea Marcon we are not able to find a common date for the opening concert in 2021, we have prepared an excellent replacement for you: the vocal duo KCHUN with a unique