check out samples of the artists who will perform at this year’s festival


Purgatio, In search for Heaven

27/5, 20:30

Valtice, Church of the Assumption of Virgin MAry

28/5, 21:00

Kurdějov, church of St. John Baptist

Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien

High road to Kilkenny

3/6, 19:30

Lysice, Chateau, Chateau Courtyard

Bart Jacobs

Organ power

6/6, 19:30

Polná, church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

Thomas Dunford a Jean Rondeau

Chit chat with the muses

 15/6, 19:30

Tišnov, church of St. Wenceslaw

The Alehouse Sessions

“It is just an old pop music!”

22/6, 19:30


23/6, 19:30

Mikulov, chateau, Big Chateau Hall

Private Musicke, Pierre Pitzl / artistic leader

Raquel Andueza / voice


 24/6, 19:00

Náměšť nad Oslavou, chateau, Library