25th International Music Festival

Concentus Moraviae


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Jelle Dierickx

Early Music is alive and kicking. Let’s shake hands on that fact, my friend. The Guidonian Hand is known to anybody who’s involved with early music. In medieval times, this hand was used as a mnemonic device that helped singers to sight-sing. Concentus Moraviae 2020 uses this hand as a symbol to help a 21st century audience to get to know the world of early music. Not only the rich history which this music obviously has, but also the role it can, should and will play in the future. For that reason there are no less than five dramaturges, five fingers, forming the festival, shaping the hand that waves to all willing to hear beauty and wisdom. A hand that reaches out to the future.


Concentus Moravie

International Music Festival of 13 Towns

The International Music Festival Concentus Moraviae is a unique curatorial concept of program preparation. It is primarily focused on classical music with an overlap with other genres and with a strong accent on old music, to which is the biennial dedicated. Every year the organizers address a new dramaturge with a strong program vision, so the festival always focuses on a new topic and is highly appreciated for its contribution to the field. The theme of each year reflects important musical anniversaries as well as current music and social trends. Not only significant personalities of Czech musical life (Václav Luks, Aleš Březina, Jiří Beneš, Zdeněk Cupák), but also foreign musicologists (Jelle Dierickx, Walter Labhart, Jory Vinikour, Barbara Maria Willi, Andrea Marcon, Tully Potter) .